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  • "I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing company where financial freedom is truly possible."
    | Malay Prom
    General Agent (GA)

Foti Agency Philosophy

Every decision at the Foti Agency must benefit the customer, the Agent, and the Company. Each is equal in importance, and if any one of them is missing, we simply won't do it.

We Value People
The Foti Agency has been committed to improving conditions for working men and women. For over 25 years the Foti Agency has contributed money, office space and personal work effort to bettering the communities in which we live and work. The Foti Agency continues to strive for the benefit of all working Americans through serving Union members and their families by offering additional benefits and convenience to access those benefits..

We Value Service
The Foti Agency strives to meet its client's needs by devoting personnel and technical resources to servicing our policyholders. We are committed to serving our customers with the utmost respect and delivering results timely. Our multi-lingual staff facilitates problem-solving for all our customers.

We Value Empowering for Success
At Foti Agency we know that our success is tightly bound in the individual success of our agents and Managers. We work to encourage and support every person who wants to work with us to achieve financial security. We believe that no one is incapable of achieving levels of financial reward and personal success, and we work with each individual agent to see those levels of rewards met. At Foti Agency your opportunities for success are unlimited. YOU can decide what your work is worth; YOU are in control of your career. Your performance determines how much money you earn, how high you raise in the ranks, and whether you choose to lead and manage others. Your effort is directly related to your success; you are not dependent on others to set your limits.

We Value Freedom to Perform If you love working with people and helping them perform to their fullest potential, then The Foti Agency is the place to be. Don't worry if you've never been given the chance to challenge yourself in this way because you'll learn how to recruit, train, develop and manage others.